Refund Policy

This Agreement is written in the English language. If there is any discrepancy between the English version and the Korean version, the Korean version shall prevail.

1. Change in the Amount of Paid Services

  1. In the event that the company needs to increase the amount of paid services provided for operational or technical reasons, the increased amount shall be applied to members who agree to it. If a member does not agree to the change, the acceptance of service usage may be temporarily withheld, or the service contract may be terminated.

2. Reservation Change and Immediate Change of Subscription Services

  1. Members who have already purchased/subscribed to paid services may immediately change or reserve changes according to the company's policies.
  2. In the case of an immediate change, the requested license is immediately replaced, and the remaining period of the previously purchased/subscribed license is proportionately distributed to adjust the usage period based on the price of the requested license, and a new billing cycle is applied.
  3. In the case of a reserved change, the member can use the previously purchased/subscribed license until the end of the usage period for the month in which the change request was made, and the requested license is applied from the day after the expiration date of the usage period.
  4. For Apple IAP (In-App-Purchase), Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions apply.
  5. For Google Play IAB (In-App-Billing), Google Payments Service Terms and Conditions apply.
  6. For paid services purchased and used through third-party accounts or partnerships, the policies of the respective third parties apply.

3. Withdrawal, Cancellation, and Refund of Service Subscription Contracts

  1. In case a member withdraws, cancels, or terminates a service subscription contract due to the member's change of mind or other reasons attributable to the member, the member can withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the initial payment date if there is no usage history, and cancel or terminate the contract within 7 days from the payment date of the next billing cycle. In this case, the company refunds the full amount except for handling fees and other additional costs, excluding withdrawal.

  2. In cases where the paid service, as agreed upon, is not provided properly due to reasons such as the inability to use the service despite attempting to do so as guided by the company, or termination due to the company's fault, the company refunds the amount corresponding to the remaining days and pays a penalty of 10% of the amount (excluding penalties in cases not attributable to the company).

  3. The provisions of this article also apply to long-term licenses exceeding one month, with the usage fee calculated based on the monthly fee, and the refundable amount and penalty are calculated proportionally to the remaining period (based on monthly units) based on the monthly fee.

  4. Members can express their intention to withdraw or cancel the contract through methods recognized by the company, and the effectiveness of such expression occurs when it is received by the company, after which the company promptly informs the member of this fact.

  5. When there is a refund amount upon withdrawal, cancellation, or termination by a paid member, the company requests the suspension or cancellation of payment to the business operator within 3 business days from the date of receiving the paid member's expression of intention, and generally refunds to the same payment method used by the paid member. However, there may be differences in refund methods, refundable periods, etc., depending on individual payment methods in cases where the company has notified the paid member in advance via email or the service homepage, or in cases such as:

    • For payment methods requiring payment confirmation, within 3 business days from the confirmation date
    • When there is explicit expression of the member's intention
    • When the business operator of the payment method has pre-established the period for suspending or canceling payment through an agreement with the company
    • In cases where the paid member does not immediately provide the necessary information or data for the refund process to the company (such as not submitting a bank account and identification copy for cash refunds, or providing an account under a different name)
    • In the case of a refund through bank transfer, if the name of the account holder of the financial institution account to receive the refund differs from the registered "member" ID, no refund is possible
    • For Apple IAP (In-App-Purchase), Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions apply.
    • For Google Play IAB (In-App-Billing), Google Payments Service Terms and Conditions apply.
  6. Refunds for cases where the payer and user of paid services are different are generally made to the same payment method used by the payer of the paid service.

  7. The company is not obligated to refund the paid service payment to members for services obtained through promotions or free of charge.

  8. For paid services subscribed to on a monthly basis based on the member's application or consent, if the member fails to pay the service fee, automatic termination of the license may occur on the date when the usage fee is overdue. Therefore, paid members who wish to maintain the paid service should take measures in advance to prevent the non-payment of usage fees or overdue payment of payment methods.

  9. When a paid member who is using a paid service withdraws, the paid service can no longer be used, and the standards set forth in Article 5 apply to refund requests. In this case, the information and usage details of the paid member are processed in accordance with the terms and conditions, except as provided by relevant laws and regulations. However, in the case of termination through Apple IAP (In-App-Purchase), Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions apply.

  10. The effects of terminating a subscription service contract are immediately effective upon the end of the current billing cycle.

  11. If a provided paid service differs from the displayed and advertised content or from the contract terms in performance, the user can withdraw the subscription within

  12. Users may withdraw their subscription or request a refund in writing or electronically (including electronic documents). If a user chooses to withdraw their subscription or request a refund in writing, the effectiveness of such expression occurs on the date when the written document containing the intention is sent.

  13. In cases of identity theft, payment information fraud, or fraudulent payments, withdrawal of subscription or refund is not possible. In such cases, verification of the payment information request from the payment initiator can only be confirmed through legitimate requests from investigative agencies based on relevant laws and regulations.

4. Overpayment

  1. In the event of overpayment related to the payment for the paid services, the company shall refund the entire overpaid amount using the same method as the payment of the service fees. However, if refunding through the same method is not feasible, the user shall be notified in advance.

  2. If overpayment occurs due to the fault of the company, the entire overpaid amount shall be refunded. However, if overpayment is caused by the fault of the user, the user shall bear the reasonable costs incurred by the company for the refund, and the company may deduct these costs before refunding the overpaid amount.

  3. If the company refuses to refund the overpayment claimed by the user, the company shall bear the burden of proving that the paid service fees were properly charged.

5. Provision and Suspension of Paid Services

  1. The company shall provide paid services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and shall ensure that members can use the services immediately upon entering into a paid service agreement unless there are special circumstances.

  2. When the company conducts equipment inspections and maintenance for the purpose of improving services to users, it may restrict, suspend, or discontinue the provision of all or part of the services. In this case, the company shall notify members in advance of the reasons for the suspension, the duration, etc., and may notify them immediately after confirmation of the reasons and causes as follows:

    • In cases where the provision of normal services is difficult due to illegal or criminal acts by members, or other unspecified third parties.
    • In cases where normal provision of paid services is impossible due to system failures, network failures, or congestion in the use of paid services.
    • In cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, etc., beyond the control of the company.
  3. The company may modify, suspend, or change all or part of the services provided free of charge for policy or operational reasons, without providing separate compensation, unless otherwise stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.